New 2014 Derk’s Formal Wear Catalogue



At Derk’s we have made it our business to make men look good. In fact, with over 65 years experience, no one knows more about formal wear and accessories for your wedding. It goes without saying that the groom should look just as amazing as the bride on the wedding day. One of the many joys of your wedding day is that you can revel in just how glorious dressing up can be, when you see the latest in formal wear to create the finer details of today’s modern wedding. Remember the old proverb: It is the clothes that makes the man.

As wedding gowns are steering away from the more traditional look, this year’s trend in men’s formal wear is quite the opposite. Men are looking for a more conventional, tailored and distinguished style. Tuxedos with long Windsor knots and vests are replacing bow ties and cummerbunds.

A suit or tux looks good on its own, but accessories are the key to tying the look together. Having a great pair of shoes that are comfortable and stylish can help make you look handsome from head to toe. Add some individual flare to your ensemble by choosing a pair of cufflinks that reflect your unique personality. Finish it off with a pocket square that compliments the tie and vest for a more cohesive overall appearance.

2014 Northern Alberta

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